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why a brand guardian?


Think of Golden Arches – anyone not instantly recognise those? 


Well, think of a swoosh and you’ve conjured up a business. That’s powerful.

WHETHER YOUR BRAND’S BRAND NEW OR WELL-ESTABLISHED – Someone needs to keep it in line!


Powerful brands are built on visual identity and consistency, but new material is constantly having to be created. Who, in your company is keeping an eagle eye on that?

Have you invested heavily in your branding but it isn’t hitting the mark and you’re just not sure why?

Is implementing your brand smoothly and cost-effectively giving you a headache? You know everything you put out needs to be creative, innovative, within corporate guidelines and working to optimum effect – not to worry, that’s where I come in.

Brand strength and integrity is vital for the blue chip clients I work with, at the same time every business has to continually move forward and feel fresh. So I have a check list:

  • Do you actually have a brand? Is it one you’re happy with or has it gone a bit pear-shaped? I can clarify that, simplify your processes and get you back on the straight and narrow. 
  • Are your brand guidelines current? As your business evolves, I work with you and your team on visually exciting material which is fresh, innovative and relevant.
  • Is it time for a tweak? Sometimes small changes carry huge impact. I’d be delighted to take a look and provide expert input and advice.

I keep your brand on track, undiluted and working to your optimum benefit. In fact, it was two satisfied clients, Wedgwood and Laura Ashley who bestowed the brand guardian title on me.

If anything I’ve said is ringing bells for you (alarm or otherwise!) and you feel you could do with an expert eye and a guiding hand, get in touch, let’s have a chat.

clients include…

Nicola developed an (almost instant!) understanding of, and empathy for, our brand; having helped design the logo and colour palette she fastidiously applied it to all modes of our communications, all the way from digital/website through to stationery, proposal and drawing templates.
Nicola is a fabulously talented and creative designer who has a keen eye for accuracy and consistency – a very safe pair of hands, someone who we trust implicitly and a joy to work with!
Ian Whybrow, Whybrow Limited

about nicola

Nic has been a graphic designer and creative director for over 25 years and for 18 years owned and ran a highly successful creative agency. To both physical and digital projects, she brings specialist skill, depth of knowledge and an unerring instinct for what will produce results. She works with household names such as the British Library, Kellogg’s, Wedgwood, Waterford and Sony, to name but a few.

Her expertise includes a particular interest in the food and retail sector, and wayfinding for the built environment. In her capacity as a brand implementation specialist, she sits as a judge on the Quality Food Awards, is a member of the Worshipful Company of Marketors, and regularly keeps up to date with Chartered Institute of Marketing food and drink events.

Nic believes in and relishes making life simple for her clients by clarifying processes, smoothing project progress and delivering and marrying up all digital and physical elements. Always at the top of her list though is gaining an in-depth understanding of you, your business and your way forward.

I worked with Nic on the refurbishment of the panels on the walkways at Tower Bridge. The walkways and the glass floors are an incredibly popular part of the visitor experience at the Bridge, and the panels there tell an important part of the story of Tower Bridge. They had been in place for several years and were in urgent need of replacement. Together we re-organised content and sequence of the panels, and put new ones in place. The timetable was tight, and an additional challenge was the re-installation without interrupting the visitor experience. Thanks to Nic and the team the whole operation was a professional, quick and smooth process from start to finish – and the new panels add much needed updated content and fresh design.

case studies

Tower Bridge, London


Food Brand & Packaging


Raising the Profile of Fruit!


I’d love to help you with your brand, please do get in touch to discuss your project – or even if you aren’t sure if you have a project! Always love to have a coffee and a chat.

Please use the form here (I never share your details with anyone), give me a call on 07979 853 028, or email me:

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